Adventurer’s Club

Purpose statement

Nairobi East SDA Church Adventurers’ club exists to tell good stories about Jesus to children between ages 4 – 9 years in Eastland’s, invite them to grow to be like Jesus, play with other children, training them to share in order to show their love for Jesus.


  1. Evangelism To target 10 non Adventist parents / guardians through their children Activities to achieve this objective
    1. Visitations
    2. Funfairs
    3. Sports
    4. Outreach
    5. Family network
    6. Staff training
  2. Worship To train children on reverence in church and importance of returning tithes and giving offerings. Activities to achieve this objective
    1. Train the children to be reverent in church.
    2. Train them on the importance of returning tithes, offerings, etc
    3. Provision of reading material
  3. Fellowship To have at least 20 children participate in organized club social activities. Activities to achieve this objective
    1. Camp outs
    2. Social Sunday
    3. Sports
    4. Crusade
    5. Regular club meetings
    6. Fun Fair
  4. Discipleship To involve Adventurers in bible studies, Story telling and children’s Sabbath School Activities to achieve this objective
    1. Bible study
    2. Provision of needs
    3. Drama, skits, songs
    4. Involvement in Children’s Corner
    5. Involvement in Sabbath School
  5. Ministry Activities to achieve this objective
    1. To visit minister to identified needs of 50 children by the end of the year.
    2. Visitations to schools, hospitals, children’s homes
    3. Community services
    4. Medical camps
    5. Donations.